About Mega K Festival

Mega K Music Festival was first held impressively, which is a pivotal role of Festive Korea that informs more than 9,000 HK people attending for the first time. This event took place at the HK Coliseum in cooperation with Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong in 2016, and we continue to host the event every year in Asia. Continuing with year 2017 in Asia World Expo(Arena) with collaboration with Kotra (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) KBEE collaboration and keep growing.
We introduce annual festivals that inform about various cultures through entertainment. We also host a variety of concerts that promote fusion cultures to the world in cooperation with media groups and many charity organizations in China and Hong Kong.
All these cultural entertainment assets are developing put into VR live fans meeting and concerts which will be featured in Metaverse Mega K Festivals through NFT to Korean Wave fan Community.

Missions of MegaK Festival

The MegaK Festival ushers in an exciting new wave of Korean music. We’re at the center of the Kpop universe and an ongoing player in Asia’s larger cultural scene. The festival gives Asian artists opportunities for collaboration, brand-building, and a cross-pollination of influences and ideas.

MegaK is a Kpop world festival for promoting fan-favorite Kpop groups, launching new talent, debuting Kpop fashion, and advancing the K-Wave movement. We’re here for engagement and exchange and helping Asia’s diverse creative industries innovate and evolve.

Korea is widely recognized as a leader in television content, pop culture, beauty, and fashion. MegaK is an icon-making celebration that unites these interests on a global stage. Come meet key industry figures and discover the rising generation of artists. We’re a forum for networking and exposure and a marketing engine bringing K-culture to the world.

MegaK Stories

The first MegaK Music Festival was a pivotal part of Festive Korea, an event with more than 10,000 first-time attendees. This celebration took place at the HK Coliseum in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong in 2016. The festival returned the following year, this time at the AsiaWorld-Expo arena in collaboration with KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) and KBEE (Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo). Each year, the annual gathering continues to grow.

Before the birth of MegaK, our sister company Intelbridge Media& Press published KBS World’s monthly magazine K-Wave. Through our ongoing access to K-artists and Asia’s most prestigious fashion and music icons, MegaK emerged as a top Kpop music festival in HK, offering an exciting platform for stars of Kpop and K-drama. Lovers of pop music and Kpop culture consistently look for Kpop concerts coming up. The performances at MegaK give fans and audiences a chance to celebrate Kpop fandom culture, enjoy proximity to their favorite stars, and form communities that crossover into a diverse array of industries.

We promote annual festivals that champion Asia’s full range of entertainment and cultural contributions, and we host a number of events in cooperation with media groups and charity organizations in China and Hong Kong. Many of these events offer VR live fan meetings and concerts that reach the broader Korean Wave fan community. On top of live shows, MegaK is now bringing music and concert assets into the Metaverse and building intangible assets centered on NFT and blockchain development. Over the next few years, MegaK expects to host virtual events with ticket sales that rival our real-world events.


History of the MegaK Festival

Mega K Music Festival in HK COLISEUM with support from the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong
Journalists: 55+
Reach: 6.8 Million
Articles: 120+


Korean Goods Biz-Matching with MAMA PR in AsiaWorld-Expo HK Hall 2
With Local Media HK
Journalists: 85+ (worldwide)
Reach: 7.8 Million
Articles: 85+


The First World Tour Monstar X Beautiful in Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Expo Hall 10
Journalists: 32+
Reach: 1.8 Million
Articles: 10+


Mega Music Festival Concert in AsiaWorld-Expo Arena Hall with KOTRA
Day 1: BTOB Time Concert
Day 2: PSY, Gugudan,

Journalists: 92+
Reach: 8.9 Million
Articles: 15+