Planning and Hosting for Concerts and Exhibitions

MegaK offers the opportunity for Korean artists and media stars to collaborate and share the stage with other Asian artists. We promote teamwork and cultural pride while growing the K-Wave movement. A multidimensional Kpop music festival, MegaK brings Korean music, beauty, fashion, K-dramas, and more to fans around the world.

Artist Management, Promotion, and Casting

We work with and for popular Kpop stars, K-Wave icons, rising Asian stars, and key fashion influencers. The MegaK Festival is dedicated to enriching culture by finding and nurturing new influencers in diverse industries and showcasing them on a global stage.

MegaK produces Korean entertainment content specifically for global market through cooperation with major media groups from around the world. We then reimagine and refocus this content to bring it to a worldwide audience. Our team forges new promotional pathways to efficiently introduce emerging media and products into new markets.

PR & Marketing

MegaK partners with a vast network of global broadcast systems and press companies that allow us to invite K-Wave icons and rising stars to various events across Asia. Our international reach allows us to create opportunities for both the artists and audiences dedicated to this type of cultural content. Many sought-after personalities serve as ambassadors for international luxury brands, and MegaK facilitates their appearance for PR functions and business collaborations. Our company focuses on creating forward-thinking, sustainable, and robust PR opportunities in association with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that benefit one or more Asian charity organizations. Since our launch, we have successfully represented more than 350 Korean companies with effective promotional and public relations initiatives. We remain in compliance with KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) and MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy of Korea).

Metaverse Concerts and NFT Ticketing

Beyond producing a yearly Kpop festival and staging Kpop concert events, MegaK is bringing K-Wave culture to the Metaverse. Our parent company Gaon operates a number of subsidiaries focused on furthering the K-Wave movement throughout the world. Each of these subsidiaries will be migrated into the Metaverse to offer PR opportunities for fashion, entertainment, and food companies that service the K-Wave community. The Future of K-Wave in the Metaverse belongs to MegaK. Gaon is planning a number of groundbreaking virtual concerts and events in addition to launching a number of NFT collectibles in cooperation with top Kpop acts.