December 1, 2022 - February 28, 2023
KOOOLA A virtual the West city
The world-renowned rapper TYGA will hold his FIRST ever virtual concert in KOOOLA
A virtual the WEST city full of golden colors is about to KICK OFF!
Artist Info
Most people know Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson as Tyga, and a lot are surprised when they realize his mother is Vietnamese. Raised in Compton until he was 12 years old, Tyga has been making music since 2007. At one point, Tyga was even signed to Young Money with Drake and Nicki Minaj. It was 2011 when Tyga hit the sweet spot with ‘Rack City.’ The repetitive single with DJ Mustard’s best beat had everyone repeating “Rack City, bitch. Rack Rack City, bitch.”
Detailed Info
TYGA will hold his first virtual concert in KOOOLA virtual city from Dec 1, 2022 to Feb 28, 2023.Each song will be performed in a cycle in its respective scene, so please go to different scenes to enjoy TYGA's wonderful performance within the time specified in the ticket.
Ticketing Info
Ticket link

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